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Simulated game shooting

Simulated game shooting is exceptionally popular in the UK amongst experienced game and clay pigeon shooters, for corporate and team building days, as well as social and charity fund raising events.  

As well as being the ideal preparation for driven game bird shooting, simulated game days are an inexpensive way of introducing novice shooters to the intricacies of driven shooting and also for Guns who enjoy shooting but not at live game. 

In addition - simulated game days can be enjoyed all year round, including summer when the season for game birds is closed.

Sim Days are renowned for providing high quality and high volume shooting over a variety of terrain. They are designed to be entertaining and fun filled with team banter and competition strongly encouraged while at the same time ensuring all forms of safety are strictly adhered to. 

Some of the Sim shoots use coloured and exploding clays, tracer cartridges and shooting at drones to add further excitement to the day. 

As per a driven game bird shooting day, a Sim Day is usually divided into two drives shot before and two drives after lunch. Lunch is often taken at a local pub to further enhance the guest’s British country experience. 

British Country Sports engages the very best UK shotgun coaches and simulated game shooting ranges throughout the UK. Whether you are a novice who wants to learn to shoot like an Olympian or an experienced shotgun shooter, we can provide the very best shooting tuition and Sim Days for you and your friends. 


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