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Game bird shooting

Shooting in the UK is as varied as it is challenging, and for this reason it is known as one of the finest shooting destinations anywhere in the world.

Whether it be shooting ground-hugging grouse on the moors, hedgerow-hopping partridge in Norfolk and Hampshire or towering pheasants in Devon or Wales that takes your fancy, British Country Sports can provide you with access to some of the very finest shooting estates in the UK.  

While each shooting discipline is quite distinct, they are unified by the historical customs and traditions associated with all forms of the sport in Britain. It is those uniquely British customs and traditions as much as the sport that brings shooters from all around the world to the UK. 

Because of their reputation for fine sport and excellent friendly service, bookings at the UK’s premier shooting estates can be difficult to secure. Reservations are normally taken 8-12 months in advance of the shooting season. British Country Sports makes this issue our problem, not yours, and can usually find shooting to suit our clients' tastes, within the time frame (seasons permitting).  

For those clients looking for a one or two-day shooting trip at short notice, we offer combined partridge and pheasant shooting within an hour or so of London during the shooting season. 

Combining shooting and fly fishing in the same sporting holiday is very popular with our clients as they can usually be sourced in the same region. 

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For those clients unable to come to the UK in the game bird shooting seasons (August to end January), the exciting sport of simulated game shooting is available. 
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