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Deer stalking

Deer stalking is conducted in the UK using high-power centre-fire rifles. 

Deer stalking in Scotland is legendary amongst the world’s hunters. The magical allure of the Highlands, trophy-quality deer, the canny stalking abilities of the gillies and the unique traditions associated with the sport there combine to make it a truly magical experience.  

A hard day stalking on the mountain followed by a wonderful dinner with friends in the Estate manor house is a memory that all hunters cherish.  

Excellent trophy deer of various species including Red, Sika, Fallow, Roe, Chinese Water Deer and Muntjac can also be found throughout other regions of the UK and depending on species, is available all year round

As well as traditional stalking, the European technique of shooting deer from "high seats" in woodland and over crops is becoming more prevalent. 

Deer stalkers in the UK are not required to wear high visibility safety clothing while shooting. Tweed remains the preferred form of dress in the Highlands, while plain green and camouflaged attire is quite common when shooting from a woodland high seat. 

Deer shooting seasons

Deer Species/Sex England/Wales Scotland
Red stags 1 Aug-30 Apr 1 Jul-20 Oct
Red hinds 1 Nov-31 Mar 21 Oct-15 Feb
Sika stags 1 Aug-30 Apr 1 Jul-20 Oct
Sika hinds 1 Nov-31 Mar 21 Oct-15 Feb
Fallow bucks 1 Aug-30 Apr 1 Aug-30 Apr
Fallow does 1 Nov-31 Mar 21 Oct-15 Feb
Roe bucks 1 Apr-31 Oct 1 Apr-20 Oct
Roe does 1 Nov-31 Mar 21 Oct-31 Mar
Chinese Water Deer Bucks 1 Nov-31 Mar Not found
Chinese Water Deer Does 1 Nov-31 Mar Not found
Muntjac All year round All year round
British Country Sports has access to the very finest Scottish estates as well as superb guided deer stalking areas throughout East Anglia, Southern England and Wales.  
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